Why you should use under sink water filters in 2019

They are more efficient and function better than ever before: under sink water filter. Impurities in the water, which previously required a reverse osmosis system, can now also be removed by this type of filter. And the best thing is that no more waste water is produced.

Why should you filter your water at all? You should know that sources can be contaminated by bacteria, heavy metals and other contaminants.

If you have decided to purchase an under sink water filter, you still have to decide on a system. The choice is large. In this article we try to make your decision easier by talking about advantages and disadvantages and also explain why the use of an under sink water filter is a good alternative to towing water crates from the supermarket.

Apart from the effort and time it takes to buy drinking water, it is very convenient to simply turn on the tap. Unfortunately, drinking water in the USA is very often fluoridated, and the health benefits of this measure are often disputed. It is also more environmentally friendly not to use the car to fetch water.

The solution: under sink water filter

How exactly do you proceed now? First of all you should go into your kitchen and look under your sink to see if there is enough space for an under sink water filter. The filter is attached to the pipes during installation.

The next step is to find out the composition of your water, because you need to know what kind of impurities you want to remove. For example, you can buy a do-it-yourself water test kit to determine the composition. And you can check with your local water board, which is legally obliged to inform you about the composition of your drinking water.

Of course, the under sink water filter should remove these impurities. The various systems available on the market also remove various impurities and pollutants. You will need to look at some models and talk to distributors about which under sink water filter is best for your water.

Also consider that if you choose a water filter that not only removes impurities but also odours, you can further increase the pleasure of drinking this water.

Water filtration method #1: Carbon

You have the choice of how the under sink water filter should work: with activated carbon or reverse osmosis. The filters use one of these two methods to eliminate the pollutants in the water. If you choose an activated carbon system, you will also need to replace cartridges. This type of system filters out pesticides and other chemicals using the carbon used in the filter.

There are certain prejudices about carbon filters. One of them is the limited filtering capacity. These filters cannot remove heavy metals, fluorides, bacteria or microorganisms from the water. The Environmental Working Group has found that drinking water in the USA contains more than 300 pollutants. Because charcoal filters have a limited service life, this problem is not made any easier.

Carbon filters only work properly if they contain a sufficient amount of carbon. If this is not the case, the filter does not remove any impurities. The time the water comes into contact with the filter is also important: the longer this is the case, the better the filtration.

Water filtration method #2: Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis, on the other hand, is more complex. An under sink water filter that works with this system also removes larger particles from the water. These systems also produce waste. In addition, the water pressure is slightly higher. Water that is not consumed immediately is stored in a tank.

Ultimately, your choice of an under sink water filter also depends on your budget. You get a system from as little as $100 and can spend up to $300 depending on how much function you want.


After the decision, it’s about how to purchase the under sink water filter. Of course, you can also buy these systems at a DIY store.

On the Internet, however, the choice is greater, and you probably won’t find the special model you have chosen in every DIY store. Some manufacturers sell their systems directly on their website. The systems are also available from online retailers such as Amazon.

Finally, after the decision and the purchase, it is still about the installation. You should definitely consider having an under sink water filter installed by a professional. There are some companies that specialize in this. Often you will only be granted a warranty if a specialist has been commissioned to install the filter.

After commissioning, it is only a matter of maintenance. To do this, you should contact the appropriate sales representative. However, most under sink water filters are easy to maintain. However, you have to find out at which intervals the filter has to be replaced and what to do if it breaks down or is disturbed.

Bottled water or tap water?

In the United States, people buy about fifty million bottles a year, although tap water is fine in most places. Bottled water has a better reputation, but tap water is clean, much cheaper and highly regulated. In addition, tap water is fresher than bottled water. Bottled water is stored in plastic, which is important to remember, and can contain softeners or be stale.

Only rarely can tap water be contaminated and endanger your health. One example is the lead-contaminated water in Flynn Michigan: the city authorities have simply made a bad decision about where to get their tap water.

Supporting their local water company is not only a decision for the local economy but also for their purses. But you should bear in mind that by filtering the water you have the ability to remove all the chemicals used by the water companies to kill bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.

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